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Translation ♚ 23- Myojo 04.2015- Jr. Awards (Part 6)
Jr. Selects for Jr. Awards

-The categories are almost the same with the 1st ones but this time the juniors were the one who voted :)

Please read the ones in the notes first :) thanks

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-All original scans are from yoshiko_mama
-There is still a part 7 *the last part*. I asked my friend mearikattun_hsj to translate it but she's still busy in her school life so let's just patiently wait for it ^.^ thanks


Jr. I would like to kiss
1st Matsumura Hokuto, Onishi Ryusei
2nd Jesse, Iwahashi Genki
3rd Hirano Sho, Matsumura Kaito, Tanaka Juri, Kyomoto Taiga

Matsumura Hokuto: 1st place in this category!?...From now on I’ll not get closer anymore in order to be careful (laugh).

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: Since hokuto’s lips are like lips of the girls that are purunpurun (jelly or bouncy).
Nakamura Reia: I always thought of him as sexy. He is labelled no. 1 with adult appeal
Onishi Ryusei: Occasionally, Daichan (Nishihata Daigo) comes to do kisses, that’s bad…(laugh)

Voters’ comments:
Kaneuchi Toma: He is a pure and innocent fellow. I think it has the same feeling to kissing a baby.
Daigo: If hugging or sleeping with Onishi-san, I might go with it.

I want xxx to be the student council president
1st Yoshizawa Shizuya, Fukasawa Tatsuya, Yasui Kentaro

Yoshizawa Shizuya: Why!? It will be a mess…because I’ll make the school hours short and increase the break time.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: He is reliable and kind. It seems that he can well put everyone in order.
Fukasawa Tatsuya: If I’ll be the student body head, I think the school will be a freedom. I will completely abolish the strict school regulations!

Voters’ comments:
Nagase Ren: He really thinks about his juniors and he is kind, it is easy to talk to him even if he is older.
Yasui Kentaro: If it is about my image in Gamushara right!(?) Fukka (Fukasawa) is more suitable than me.

Voters’ comment: I saw his appearance managing the live (live performances) . If we were classmates, I would have nominated him.

Seems to suit in girls’ clothes
1st Iwahashi Genki
2nd Kyomoto Taiga
3rd Nishihata Daigo

Iwahashi Genki: It is a good thing for an idol to show both faces!...I see it that way.

Voters’ comments:
Kyomoto Taiga: In Gamushara!, it suited to him to dress up like a woman in high spirit and he got a good figure.
Tajima Shogo: It’s not that I’m a shemale but he is really cute.

Jr. with Gap (Literally translated as it seems to be an herbivore but in reality it is a carnivore)
1st Iwahashi Genki
2nd Hagiya Keigo, Nakamura Reia, Miyachika Kaito, Kishi Yuta, Jinguji Yuta, Kyomoto Taiga, Hanzawa Akatsuki

Iwahashi Genki: For real!? I wonder if it is because during breakdance when I said “when it is time to do something you do it” appearance was shown?

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: When we were in the same team (breakdance), his manliness fully opened.
Matsuda Genta: He is like a girl but unexpectedly he’s a baseball boy, he has a gap.

Seems to be a crybaby
1st Matsukura Kaito
2nd Takahashi Kaito
3rd Iwahashi Genki, Morita Myuto

Matsukura Kaito: Certainly…but I haven’t cried recently, it feels like I’ve become a man.

Voters’ comments:
Kajiyama Asahi: One time I poked him in the forehead and he seemed to cry. But he is the type who will bluff like “this is just a sweat”.
Tajima Shogo: Actually, when his emotions are high he will cry. But I think that (he) is honest enough ne.

Seems to become a dandy in future
1st Kajiyama Asahi, Takahashi Kaito, Kishi Yuta
Kajiyama Asahi: This…I want to say it when I grow old isn’t it?*not sure, sorry* As what everyone hoped for, I’ll become a dandy!

Voters’ comments:
Morita Myuto: Whether in the future or in the present! His appearance is completely a Dandy already.
Takahashi Kaito: E? I have a younger brother character but I wonder if I’ll become a dandy in the near future? This result is unexpected~.

Voters’ comments:
Matsuda Genta: He looks cute, unexpectedly he has really low cool voice when talking.
Kishi Yuta: They voted right! I’ll be a dandy with a level that is the same as Johnny Depp in the future.

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: He’s already a dandy (laugh). He has the manliest feeling among the men!

No. 1 Funny
1st Miyachika Kaito
2nd Tanaka Juri
3rd Fukasawa Tatsuya

Miyachika Kaito: I’m happy! I live on everyone’s smile (Literally translate as everyone’s smile is my staple food) so from now on too I will be a funny man.

Voters’ comments:
Iwahashi Genki: In Shokura, the face he makes is kind of weird but funny!
Abe Aran: It’s funny when he jokes. The gag itself is exquisite (laugh).

I want xxx to be a school teacher
1st Abe Aran
2nd Jesse, Fukasawa Tatsuya
3rd Morimoto Shintaro, Yoshizawa Shizuya, Miyachika Kaito, Hirano Sho, Kishi Yuta

Abe Aran: It’s somewhat a mistake (laugh)!? Since I’m studying English, I’ll aim to be an English proficient teacher.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: It’s not convincing isn’t it (laugh), but he seems to be a friendly teacher.
Yoshizawa Shizuya: If it is a good looking teacher, it seems that the girl students are going to do their best in studying, that’s why (I voted for him)!

I want xxx to become Prime Minister
1st Hirano Sho, Miyachika Kaito
2nd Yasui Kentaro
3rd Iwamoto Hikaru, Haniuda Amu, Kajiyama Asahi, Kishi Yuta, Abe Ryohei

Hirano Sho: Finally everyone realized my intellect! No, I’m happy.

Voters’ comments:
Mukai Koji: People always laugh at almost everything he says. But, interpretation is needed since I don’t often understand what he says.
Miyachika Kaito: I will make the country bright like an amusement park! The presidents of other countries will be entertained with sushi.

Voters’ comments:
Jinguji Yuta: It’s not the leader spirit but he seems to make a country where everyone is helping each other in peace.
Takahashi Fu: I actually want him to recommend being a chief cabinet secretary. I think he suits to be in press conference on stage.

Naturally Airheaded
1st Hirano Sho
2nd Tajima Shogo
3rd Abe Aran

Hirano Sho: Ee. I’m also No.1 for the juniors! *I’m sorry I can’t understand the next line he said*

Voters’ comments:
Onishi Ryusei: He says wrong things a lot, and it cannot be understood.

Seems to marry early

1st Morita Myuto
2nd Jinguji Yuta, Abe Aran
3rd Nishihata Daigo, Matsumura Hokuto
Morita Myuto: I still haven’t think about things like marriage. But I earn for playing soccer with (my) child.

Voters’ comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: Since he has blond hair and duck lips-like flashy appearance, he got that image (of marrying early).
Abe Aran: His outside and inside appearance is steady for an adult. He seems to perfectly protect the household.

1st Nakamura Kaito
2nd Sakuma Daisuke
3rd Hamanaka Bunichi, Miyachika Kaito

Nakamura Kaito: I do not do too much anime talks in front of the juniors…but I certainly read manga(s).

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: I think in reality it is different but his otaku-ish atmosphere is…
Nakamura Reia: He is an otaku. I also like manga(s) but compare to him, I can’t keep up with him at all.

No. 1 Mysterious

1st Hamanaka Bunichi
2nd Iwahashi Genki, Tajima Shogo, Matsukura Kaito

Hamanaka Bunichi: I’m already in the Hall of Fame. Kansai Juniors, from now on do your best in order to be in 1st place.

Voters’ comments:
Nishihata Daigo: He was like communicating with the universe; looking outside the window and slowly swaying left and right.
Onishi Ryusei: If I pull a lottery in front of Bunichi-kun, it results to a very precious item!

*I'm not so sure about Daigo's and Ryusei's comments, sorry*

Seems to suit in blond
1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Abe Aran, Kaneuchi Toma
3rd Yasui Kentaro, Miyachika Kaito

Jinguji Yuta: It’s only a few times that I’ve been in blond but I’m happy to be told that it suits to me.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: I’m used to seeing him in blond than in black~it suits him!
Matsuda Genta: Somewhat, the appearance in flashy. Though the one who’s in blond is a very nice guy.

1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Nagase Ren, Kajiyama Asahi, Nakamura Reia, Mukai Koji
Jinguji Yuta: In order to defeat Iwahashi and Kyomoto-kun! When I was with them for a TV program’s project, I always look at the mirror.

Voters’ comments:
Kyomoto Taiga: When we gather for glass harp practice, he was looking at the mirror for nearly an hour.
Iwahashi Genki: He wore my scarf without my permission, and he made the “It suits to me right?” face.

No. 1 Lewd
1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Haniuda Amu, Tanaka Juri

Jinguji Yuta: Everyone like dirty jokes that’s why I’m telling them those kinds. I believe it means to liven up the mood (laugh).

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: He has lots of exposure; it’s very easy to understand that he seems to like ero (stuffs)
Matsumura Hokuto: He does not talk about things like that. But, honestly I am more lewd (laugh).

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Wow, Jinguji looks great in blond~~ I expected Taiga to be voted, then I realized at the time, he was still brown haired XDDD Taiga looks so pretty in blond now ^w^

Thank you very much~ Otsukare~~

I bet he will get the 1st place in this category in next jr. ranking :D

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