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Translation ♚ 23- Myojo 04.2015- Jr. Awards (Part 5)
Jr. Selects for Jr. Awards

-The categories are almost the same with the 1st ones but this time the juniors were the one who voted :)

Please read the ones in the notes first :) thanks

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-Those comments with *** are translated by my friend mearikattun_hsj
-All original scans are from yoshiko_mama

[Douzo ^.^]

No.1 Sexy
1st Matsumura Hokuto
2nd Jinguji Yuta, Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga

Hokuto’s comment: I’m first at sexy category and wants to kiss category…why does jesse voted me on both parties (laugh)!

Voters’ comments:
Kajiyama Asahi: One time, we had a discussion about “I want to shake my hips *hiproll*”. Sexy!
Kouchi Yugo: In live’s solo corner, only Hokuto’s nipples are always exposed!

I want xxx to be my older brother
1st Morita Myuto
2nd Yasui Kentaro
3rd Hagiya Keigo, Kishi Yuta, Kouchi Yugo

Morita Myuto: Since Genta is under my care a lot, of course h is voting for me right (laugh)!?

Voters’ comments:
Matsuda Genta: Cool and kind. Honestly, I’m aiming at younger brother’s position (laugh)
Nakamura Kaito: Very kind! He bought a pair of jeans for my birthday present.

No.1 Good Combination
1st Matsuda Genta and Matsukura Kaito
2nd Morita Myuto and Kyomoto Taiga, Morohoshi Shoki and Tanaka Juri, Abe Aran and Miyachika Kaito, Hirano Sho and Nagase Ren, Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki

Matsukura Kaito: He knows me. Also earlier when I was thinking, he directly knew it.
Matsuda Genta: I’m super happy! When Matsukura is doing his best, “I don’t want to be defeated ” so it always encourages me.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: They compensate each others’ reciprocal; I think it is an interesting decoboko (roughness, unevenness) balance.
Yoshizawa Shizuya: They are interesting and good at dancing. It is good to consider each other as rivals.

If xxx is my kouhai then I'll be happy
1st Iwamoto Hikaru, Takahashi Kaito
2nd Onishi Ryusei
3rd Yoshizawa Shizuya, Matsukura Kaito, Jesse

Iwamoto Hikaru: Ee, Why kouhai? Kouhai is a no way thing? *I’m not sure how to translate kouhai wa iya na no* If someone is in trouble, it is ok with me to help him. *I don’t know if this is correct sorry*

Voters’ Comments:
Tajima Shogo: Dancing skilfully and being kind…this kouhai is reaching unconditional strong will
Matsuda Genta: I want to say “reliable!”! But it is absolutely impossible (laugh)

Takahashi Kaito: Really?! To senpais, different juniors who participated in this selection, thank you very much.

Voters’s Comments
Miyachika Kaito: He depends too much! Like chatting to or having game with.
Abe Aran: Since he is very friendly, I would really love to have a kouhai like that at school that.

If xxx is my senpai, then I'll be happy
1st Fukasawa Tatsuya
2nd Yasui Kentaro, Hirano Sho
3rd Jesse, Morita Myuto

Fukasawa Tatsuya: Isn’t it~! I don’t only go to eat with them, I also go with them to amusement park to play.

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: A good senpai who treats his kouhai generously. I also want to be treated!
Hirano Sho: Somehow kind. I frequently hear him ask “Hirano genki? (Hirano, are you ok?)”.

Likely to become a good papa
1st Yoshizawa Shizuya
2nd Morita Myuto
3rd Mukai Koji, Morohoshi Shoki, Morimoto Shintaro, Fukasawa Tatsuya

Yoshizawa Shizuya: Likely to become a baka parent ne. For my child, I’ll study and practice and listen up to anything since I like to become the No. 1.

Voters’ comments:
Meguro Ren: He is a person of firm character, also within Travis Japan he is the mediator.

*I can’t read Kajiyama Asahi’s comment, sorry*

Seems to eat a lot
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Kishi Yuta
3rd Hirano Sho, Jesse, Nakamura Kaito, Morohoshi Shoki

Morimoto Shintaro: I always take large servings in meals. But recently when my stomach gets full, I take Oolong tea.
Voters’ comments:

Kyomoto Taiga: 30 minutes before going out on stage, he ate eel bento and fish bento, and I was shocked.
Hirano Sho: The amount of food he eats is shocking! He can eat a set of meal which is for about 3 persons.

Seems to be a strong fighter
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Iwamoto Hikaru
3rd Yoshizawa Shizuya, Hirano Sho

Morimoto Shintaro: My strength in average. In the punching machine in game center, Jesse is stronger than me.

Voters’ comments:
Nakamura Reia: As the representative of our age group, I want to see him and Iwamoto-kun in a match.
***Nagase Ren: Juniors’ boss. If there are fights, he seems the one who will definitely protect (me).

No. 1 Wild
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Kajiyama Asahi
3rd Hirano Sho

***Morimoto Shintaro: Recently, Jinguji has been calling me “gori”, but the wild me will forgive him.

Voters’ comments:
***Hirano Sho: His personality, the way he eats meals, his appearance, everything about him is wild.
***Takahashi Fu: During rehearsals, the bangs showing up on his cap seems manly.

I want xxx to be my younger brother
1st Takahashi Kaito
2nd Onishi Ryusei, Matsuda Genta
3rd Tamamoto Fumito, Hashimoto Ryo, Matsukura Kaito

Takahashi Kaito: Actually I really have an older sister. And that results to I’m always called “younger brother-like”.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: I always feel that I have to care about him when I talk to him. *I’m not so sure about this, sorry*
Matsukura Kaito: We often go home together; however, he wants to buy all the cute sweets.

Seems to have an art sense
1st Kyomoto Taiga
2nd Nakamura Reia, Morita Myuto
3rd Tanaka Juri, Kishi Yuta, Takahashi Fu, Miyachika Kaito, Mukai Koji

Kyomoto Taiga: I love to draw that’s why I honestly think that I have this sense. Drawing real like portraits is my specialty.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: That guy draws anything. Especially Fukusawa-kun’s portrait resembles!
Kouchi Yugo: He often scribbles when he holds a pen and it turns out to be unexpectedly nice.

No.1 Beautiful Voice
1st Jesse
2nd Kyomoto Taiga
3rd Masuda Ryo

Jesse: I don’t like my voice that much but I am happy to receive (the 1st place) such things like this!

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: When he sings ballad, his voice is very good!
Matsumura Hokuto: He has beautiful voice. When Jesse sings, it feels that the lyrics come to life.

Seems to be good at monomane
1st Jesse
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Fukasawa Tatsuya

Jesse: Undoubtedly “I equals to monomane” impression is strong right? Right now, I am practicing Masafumi Akikawa-san.

Voters’ comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: During rehearsal, it was so cute when he said “wakanai (I don’t understand)” in Donald’s voice.
Takahashi Kaito: He is very very skilful in doing monomane of Donald Duck and Hideaki Tokunaga-san.

Seems to be weak at fighting
1st Nishihata Daigo
2nd Tajima Shogo, Matsukura Kaito, Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga

Nishihata Daigo: No, I’m strong. Only when there’s a fight, I’ll immediately contact the police. I’m a pacifist.

Voters’ comments:
Mukai Koji: If he will be involved with scary people, I think he’ll runaway to call the police.
Kaneuchi Toma: It seems that his grip is weak. But it might become stronger due to SHOCK’s training.

Likely to become domineering husband
1st Tanaka Juri
2nd Jinguji Yuta
3rd Nagase Ren, Jesse, Miyachika Kaito, Kaneuchi Toma

Tanaka Juri: It’s from Johnny’s? (or People from Johnny’s are the ones who chose?) I think I’m also kind when I’m in front of the girls~!

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: There was a time he got angry to Shintaro and Morohoshi like a domineering husband.
Morimoto Shintaro: Juri will lead the meat diet, it also seems that he’ll decide all by himself about house matters.

I want to be friends with xxx
1st Tanaka Juri
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Onishi Ryusei, Kishi Yuta, Kajiyama Asahi

Tanaka Juri: You and you cannot be friends. It is the relationship at work…is absolutely a lie (laugh)!

Voters’ comments:
Abe Aran: A really funny person. Easy to be with, it is a lot of fun even if we’re only having a talk.
Nakamura Reia: Enjoying (his?) life more than anyone. If we’re together, we are laughing all the time.

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No.1 Good Combination
1st Matsuda Genta and Matsukura Kaito

OMG natalo nila JinguIwa AHHAHAHAH omg so proud of my lovelies~ <3 HAHAHA

kouhai wa iya na no= I don't want to be a kouhai/ I can't be a kouhai? lol suggestions~

Jesse: I always feel that I have to care about him when I talk to him. *I’m not so sure about this, sorry*
--Maybe because of how TakaKai speaks? Like parating frail voice niya lol

Likely to become domineering husband
1st Tanaka Juri

Hontou yabai~ Funny but domineering, sige.

Thanks for translating~ Hahaha

haha dumadami fans ng matsumatsu hahaha

haha thanks

hahaha oooh baka hahahahaha pero ang tangkad na nyaaaa

hahaha naiimagine ko sya

thanks for reading haha

thank you so much for translating :)))

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