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Translation ♚ 23- Myojo 04.2015- Jr. Awards (Part 4)
Certainly Will Win By Wide Range
-there are 6 sub-categories under this :)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks


No.1 Wild
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Kajiyama Asahi (3rd)
3rd Iwamoto Hikaru (4th)
4th Jinguji Yuta (7th)
5th Kishi Yuta (9th)

Seems to eat a lot
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Nakamura Kaito (3rd)
3rd Kajiyama Asahi (11th)
4th Hirano Sho (7th)
5th Morohoshi Shoki (15th)

Seems to be a strong fighter
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Iwamoto Hikaru (2nd)
3rd Tanaka Juri (11th)
4th Hirano Sho (16th)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (4th)

Naturally Airheaded
1st Hirano Sho (1st)
2nd Abe Aran (6th)
3rd Takahashi Fu (3rd)
4th Nakamura Reia (7th)
5th Nagase Ren (18th)

Seems to have strong ability to sense the supernatural
1st Kouchi Yugo (1st)
2nd Nakamura Reia (3rd)
3rd Hamanaka Bunichi (2nd)
4th Iwahashi Genki (9th)
5th Tajima Shogo (not in rank)

No. 1 Mysterious
1st Hamanaka Bunichi (1st)
2nd Hirano Sho (2nd)
3rd Nkamura Reia (10th)
4th Takahashi Kaito (33rd)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (3rd)

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Thanks a lot for this! Good Shin look so beastly and sexy in that pic and the categories really fit him, i can't believe is the same snow prince♥ . Thanks again ●▽●♡♡♡♡♡

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